Halfway Home

The Sigman Brothers began scouting locations for this project months ago and met with the city council in the town of Odell, IL where the film takes place. Shooting for the movie begins in 2018. It will be the first feature film for The Sigman Brothers.

State Secrets

This film is mammoth in size and astonishing in its implications about how the human race came to exist. A rich blend of science and science fiction, the audience is sure to come away from the film questioning everything they believed about history.

The Black Spear


Based on a book with the same name written in the 1940s, this film is epic in scope and filled with adventure and excitement. It is about a time in America just before settlers landed on the shores of New England. It explores the beauty and nobility of a civilization long gone.
During the first years of the 20th century, Enrico Caruso was a name known throughout the world. His performances generated awe, commanded outrageous fees, and changed the world of opera, but his personal life was more dramatic than any of the characters he portrayed on the stage.

Don't Open Your Eyes

Sins of the Father

This film draws the audience into a world where dreams and reality become one, and are impossible to tell apart…and the ending is a genuine shocker! You may just end up being afraid to sleep ever again.
Part mystery and part action movie this story has more twists and turns than an old mountain road. It is filled with great characters and labyrinthine plots diabolical enough to satisfy even the most hardcore fans of film noire.