How is it that a 15th century peasant girl guided by “divine voices” and with almost no training or understanding of military tactics was able to lead the French army to victory at Orleans, drive the English from her country and almost singlehandedly crown the Dauphin Charles VII the rightful King of France?
Joan of Arc’s military career lasted less than a year when being burned at the stake for heresy just prior to her 21st birthday. Still her exploits likely shortened The Hundred Years War, and even today she serves as an emblem of French reconciliation and unity. Wounded twice in action, Joan led her troops from the front of every battle. And despite a mere six months of actual combat, she has the distinction of being the only woman included in every list of the top 100 most influential commanders and military leaders in history.

While Joan readily admitted that she never personally killed anyone in battle, she also recognized that her true worth was as a symbol for the cause and not as a soldier. We may never know the truth about her claims of divine inspiration, but the story of her life and her influence on history continue to fascinate us today, nearly six centuries after her untimely death.

Meticulously researched, drawing on actual trial records and filled with beautiful and inspiring music, JOAN portrays the mystery surrounding the life of this amazing young woman. In perhaps their most ambitious original work to date The Sigman Brothers have endeavored to capture a mixture of fact and faith, and bring it to Mainstage Theatre at Pheasant Run March 23, 2018.  It is an event you won’t want to miss!

2018 Cast